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Does your firm need help with
complex medical cases?

How many times have you or your firm been approached to handle a case with intricate medical reports and records which prove to be the pivotal point in determining the desired outcome at trial?

Because of these concerns have you contemplated having a medical professional on staff but were unable to justify the costs of a full time employee to analyze these cases?

A legal nurse consultant can be your best resource for any type of case with medical implications.

Allosso Consulting Services Inc. is a professional Legal Nurse Consulting firm dedicated to working with law firms that need medical interpretation of healthcare information related to litigation.

The Legal Nurse Consultant is a medical professional. We are not attorneys, however our education and experience in the area of medical records assessment and medical terminology can provide you, the legal professional, with an interpretation of complex medical records. This enables you to more easily analyze the facts of a case from a medical standpoint.

The healthcare field is changing faster than ever before and the need for interpreting medical records and reports has reached unprecedented demand.

We work with both defense and plaintiffs attorneys to provide an analysis of medical cases and investigate all records to provide the best information in order to prepare for litigation.

When your firm is in need of quick, accurate and precise medically related analysis hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant is your best choice.

The service we provide allows you, the attorney, to focus on your area of expertise with the assurance that the medical facts will be thoroughly analyzed and properly prepared for your specific need.

Our passion for accuracy and commitment to health needs is what drives us to make your case a success.

Recent Case Highlights

An LNC noticed that a congenital spinal defect was documented on a previously unnoticed supplement to a radiologist’s report.  Testimony revealed that the congenital defect was the true cause of the litigant’s problem rather than the slip and fall which had been the basis for the suit.
Result: The case was settled for  $800,000 less than the demand.