Allosso Consulting Services, Inc.

Burlington, MA
Allosso Consulting


Allosso Consulting offers a wide array of services designed to assist the law professional in every facet of a medically related case. Services include but are not limited to:

Case Review for Merit We analyze the facts of the case for merit and identify any possible issues which need further evaluation.

Records Review and Analysis We take all records, documents and statements and interpret their medical significance. A report is then prepared translating these records into an easy-to- comprehend document. This gives you a clearer understanding of what occurred and why. We also identify the potential for missing or altered documents. This allows the attorney the opportunity to obtain additional documentation to properly prepare the case.

Define Applicable Standards of Care Often, a crucial factor in medically related cases is determining if a client was afforded the proper care. We are able to identify the standard of care and determine if that standard was met.

Expert Witness A comprehensive awareness of the medical issues in any case allows us to provide the best qualified expert witnesses if the need arises. We have the resources to locate and provide expert witnesses in virtually any medical capacity.

Case Preparation We can aid in the development of deposition and interrogatory questions. In addition we can aid in the preparation of exhibits, displays and evidentiary documents for use at trial.

We realize no two cases are ever the same, and because of this the medical implications vary. Allosso Consulting will customize services to meet the needs of your specific case.

Our attention to detail assures the lawyer that every possible step has been taken to provide an accurate and precise evaluation of medical information.